Training: Handgun Skills – Making Rollover Prone Your Friend

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Firing your handgun from the prone position is a great skill to learn and use. Here are some tips to safely enter and exit the prone shooting position with your handgun. (This is not to be construed as instruction for prone long-gun shooting.)

Why prone?

The prone position offers a number of advantages where defensive shooting is concerned. Being low allows you to take advantage of cover or concealment, like a car tire or furniture. During many crimes in progress, the criminal actor is nervous and not using sensory input to its full advantage. We expect to see other humans in a typical vertical profile, with head being the highest visible feature, then shoulders, and so forth. In prone, a shooter is less visible and less identifiable as human.

While most people’s range time is spent firing from a standing position, there’s no guarantee that an attack will happen during a convenient upright time. It’s a good idea to plan for all possibilities, including being caught on, or knocked onto, the ground, and needing to fire from there.

Best of all, shooting from prone is fun!

Why rollover prone?

The technique described here, referred to as rollover prone for purposes of the article, has advantages over flat-on-your-abs prone. It allows for breathing to be natural and not to interfere with accuracy. This is especially true when wearing body armor or other impeding features, like a chest rig and/or breasts (do moobs fall into this category?), on a torso. It’s easy on the lumbar area of the back when in prone for extended periods.

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