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Nasty Shock As Sig Sauer Warns Of New Mandatory Recall

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Sig Sauer is got another punch to the gut this quarter.

After their debacle with the P320 was made public a number of weeks ago the firearms giant is now asking consumers of several of their higher end rifles to please turn their rifles in so they can fix an improperly heated trigger.

Unlike the P320 fiasco which involved the outside chance that should the gun be dropped in just the right position and discharge and a voluntary recall to fix the gun, this recall is mandatory as Sig believes the components in question may result in a catastrophic failure of the firing system which could lead to serious injury.

The company has issued a press release and pushed it out to sellers of their affected line, which includes a number of their higher-end AR-15s.

From a company press release:

Newington, NH (September 15th, 2017) – SIG SAUER, Inc. has determined that a limited number of rifles in the SIG716 DMR®, SIG516® Carbon Fiber and SIGM400® Predator models were built with a two-stage SIG SAUER trigger that may have an improperly heat-treated hammer. Over time this could result in a trigger malfunction creating a significant safety hazard. SIG SAUER is issuing a mandatory recall to replace the hammer and trigger assembly in these specific rifles. This recall does not affect any military or law enforcement rifles or any SIG MCX®/SIG MPX® products.

SIG SAUER will correct any of the affected firearms at no cost to the customer.

To determine if a specific firearm is affected by the recall, go to https://www.sigsauer.com/support/safety-center/rifle-safety-warning/ and utilize the serial number identifier and visual inspection instructions.

If you are a customer who is affected by the recall, stop using the firearm immediately and follow the instructions on the website or call SIG SAUER Customer Service by dialing 603-610-3000, option #1. Have the rifle’s serial number available.

For Sig, this late stage hit may put a big hit on their cash reserves while simultaneously reducing trust in the manufacturer.

Sig’s multi-million dollar contract with the military will do very little to convince civilians their arms are the preferred choice if they can’t get these kinds of quality control issues tightened up.

With so many new manufacturers’s out there looking to steal market share away from big dogs like Sig the need to tighten up manufacturing processes is quite obvious.

Of course, these snafus don’t mean Sig is in the crapper by any means.

With a long history of quality workmanship and a long list of award-winning weapon systems, the odds are Sig is going to batten down the hatches and make sure they return to a flawless run.

Their reputation is a top-notch gun maker should stand the test of time, even though they’re obviously in a place they’re not accustomed to being.

Will Sig’s recent recalls affect your decision to purchase one of their weapons in the future?

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  1. The sig 516 trigger / hammer combo was awful for such an expensive rifle. I replaced them with a Hipertouch 24E. I am much happier with it now.