Cheap New Gun Accessory Protects These Expensive Add-Ons

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The human eye has limitations. It can only see so far and can only see clearly.

This is why optics, like magnified scopes are added to rifle and pistols. To help compensate for the inability of the human eye to see as well as our animal counterparts.

Other optics help to improve accuracy by side-stepping the problems associated with iron sights which require perfect sight alignment to make shots. These sights float holographic images in a fixed position to help a shooter compensate for fluid environments where a clear sight picture are hard to come by.

Think red dots and other styled holographs.

Regardless of what kind of optic a shooter uses, the most important quality of that optic is generally how well can a shooter see through it.  Clarity is of the utmost value in a shooting situation as the most sophisticated optic in the world is useless if the shooter can’t see through it.

That’s why some companies have really expensive, highly polished glass in their optics. So a shooter will have the utmost in clarity as they move their shooting out past 1,000 to 2,000 years…or so they can see unobstructed in a holographic.

One of the big problems with optics like this is they are easily damaged, especially when used out in urban or natural environments.

And while most optics come with caps on them, many of those are cheap and flimsy and may fall of during transportation.

That’s why aftermarket optic covers are a great idea.

Below are 3 high quality optic covers that’ll extend the life of your optic, no matter what shooting situation you find yourself in.

Here’s what reloaded addict has to say:

Butler Creek Flip Open Objective Scope Cover

Butler Creek is a relatively big name in the firearm accessories world. Scope covers are just one of the many different kinds of products that they produce. Their Flip Open Objective Scope Cover, which weighs less than one ounce, is designed to protect the lenses of the scope rather than the entire scope as a whole, but it excels at what it’s built for.

You can have these covers custom fit to protect practically any size of scope lens you want, and they protect the lens via a water and air tight O-ring that keeps moisture and debris out of the lenses at all times. When you’ve spotted your target and need to deploy your rifle quickly, all you have to do is flip open the covers to peer through the lenses, and the hinges that hold the covers in place are held there via a silent spring that won’t make any noise when you deploy the rifle.

Butler Creek has tested these scope covers to work at temperature ranging from negative forty to one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit, so they can sustain practically any kind of an environment you could put them through. These should be on anyone’s list of the best scope covers.

The  Vortex Optics Rifle Scope Lens Flip Cap Cover


This scope cover is similar to the Butler Creek Flip Open Objective Scope Cover like we discussed earlier, only it’s made by Vortex Optics, which makes some of the finest scopes and optics on the market.

Constructed out of a durable and hard black rubber, this cover is designed to keep all moisture, dust, and debris away from your scope lenses where it does not belong. The hinged design means that you simply press a lever and the covers flip open silently to allow you to peer through the scope and observe game without alerting them to your presence.

Allen Company Neoprene Scope Cover

This a neoprene scope cover from Allen Company that is designed to protect not only the lenses themselves but the entire scope as a whole. This specific model in the link is designed for scopes with a length of twelve inches and a diameter of forty four millimeters, but there are many other models produced for different sizes of scopes as well.

Available in both camo and black, this scope cover is constructed out of a stretchy and yet durable material that has been tested to fully shield the scope from both dust and moisture. This way, not only will you be able to prevent a possible scratch from being inflicted on your lenses, but you’ll also be able to stop a potential ding being made on the outside part of the scope as well.

Now some people would argue these kind of accessories are unnecessary and that the stock lens cap covers aren’t up to the task of keeping your gun safe.

Especially for people who travel, or who use ATVs to access remote areas of wilderness

That may or may not be true.

In this instance you can spend a little bit more and get a hard case like a pelican case or similar.

Many of these hard cases have customized foam inserts which allow you to carve out an exact area for your gun for maximum protection. You can even carve out an area for your scope too.

Here’s a video reviewing some of these cases.


What’s nice about some of these cases is they’re lockable, so they can be used as improvised gun safes if need be. That not only will protect your optics from damage, it’ll also keep them from being stolen.

Though not as inexpensive as the other options listed above hard cases are a cut above for total rifle safety.

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