Glock Lovers Will Love Magpul’s New Accessory

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Leave it to the guys over at Magpul to come out with something for the Glock you never you needed and now won’t be able to live without.

Magpul announced in a hilarious QCV style video that they’ve just released new enhanced Glock frame magazine wells that are compatible with both Glock OE aswell as their newer GL-9 series.

Their new enhanced mag wells come in an assortment of variants meant to add to new furniture to a variety of the Glock models, including the 17 the 19 and both the Gen 3 and Gen 4 variants.

A lot of people are complaining out the gates that the Gen 5 isn’t being addressed, but when Magpul designed these newly enhanced magwells they likely decided they’d make a new accessory for the largest market…that the newest variant.

Why the need for a new magwell in the first place?

As some Glock owners have experienced, the insertion of standard as well as GL-9 series magazines into the standard magwell can actually prove difficult in certain situations. Mainly when a reload is being conducted in a high tension situation where time is critical to reloading.

Like reports in their press release.

The company, with its headquarters in Texas, advises the wells are designed to “fully enhance and ensure positive magazine insertion in high-stress scenarios” while printing minimally in a concealed carry situation and providing “positive and flawless removal of a faulty or stuck magazine during reloading or immediate action events.”

They do warn that, while the work with both Magpul’s GL9 magazines and Glock factory magazines with factory baseplates, some aftermarket combinations and magazines more than 10 years old may not jive.

If we know anything about Glock owners (as some of us here at GunBuzz are big fans and carry them daily, we know there are more than a few shooters who have a 17 or a 19 running a 10-year-old mag.

But do shooters who have older Glocks really need this newly enhanced magwell?

Depends, are you interested in smooth, faster reloads? Do you appreciate out how they changed the baseplate of the magwell to have 80% more ramp area so even casual reloading of magazines is easier?

Or, do you like the fact that it’s “less than a crab leg dinner for two.” while eliminating the bulky profile of other magwells for better concealment and lighter weight carry?

If you are, then this sucker is right for you.

Check out their hilarious video below.

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