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3 Of the Best Red Dots Under $200

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10 years ago, getting a red dot anywhere close to $500 would have been practically impossible, unless of course you were getting them used from someone who used them for LEO or military purposes.

Thankfully, technology has improved dramatically in the past 10 years.
Now, what would have cost you $500 can be had for far less. In fact, you can get a quality red dot for well under $200.

Even better, you don’t have to go down to a gun shop to get one. You can head online to Amazon or any other online gun shop and get one delivered to your house in a few days.

That’s why we’re going to give you the down low on a few of the best to be had for under $200.

These 3 Red Dots Rock – And Won’t Break the Bank

Here are the ones we’re going to cover in the article:

Holosun HS403A ($140)
Vortex Sparc AR ($199)
Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot ($170)

But first, let’s cover why would you even want a red dot?

As Pew Pew tactical notes, there are 4 main reasons to get down with Red Dots

1. Unlimited Eye Relief

Unlike other sights, unmagnified red dots have unlimited eye relief…which means there’s no set minimum/maximum distance you need to mount them from your eye.
2. Parallax Free


You can also choose the height of your red dot so you co-witness your irons. This way in case the red dots go down…you still have your irons. Absolute co-witness places the dot exactly on your irons while lower 1/3 gives you more room for the dot.

4. Keeping Both Eyes Open
Red dots are designed for you to keep both eyes open. It’s much easier with red dots compared to iron sights and by using both eyes you get a nearly unlimited field of view while still superimposing the dot on your targets.

Now, Onto the Reviews

Now that you can see why you’d want a red dot, we’ll show you the ones you’ll want to consider for use (and for purchase since they’re under $200)

HoloSun HS403A

Here’s a video review

To let the cat out of the bag, HoloSun is made in China. They’re one of the only ones on this list.

And at $140 it’s worth the money (because it works). There’s even a rumor that HoloSun might be the maker of maybe Primary Arms red dots, and they just private label them out. I

Here are the specs
— 50,000-hour battery life (1x CR2032)
— 2 MOA dot size
— 3-year warranty
— 8-hour auto shutoff
— Waterproof to 1m
— Night vision compatible
— Weight: 4.2 oz w/riser
— 14 F to 122 F working temperatures
— Comes with risers for absolute/one-third cowitness

Vortex Sparc AR

The author personally owns this model, and loves it. So there’s that if you care to know.

Here’s a video review:

— 5,000 hours battery life (1x AAA)
— 2 MOA dot size
— Unlimited & transferable lifetime warranty
— 12-hour auto shutoff
— Waterproof to 1m
— Night vision compatible
— Weight: 8.5 oz w/ riser
— (-4 F to 158 F) working temperatures
— Comes with risers for both co-witness heights

A few of the disadvantages are that it’s a bit heavier and has a shorter battery life. However, it made is made by Vortex who makes bombproof optics and has a lifetime guarantee on everything they make.

Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot

Primary Arms is an up and comer on the scene for optics. While not on the level of Leupold, Steiner, etc.

But they are good.

— 50,000 hour battery life (1x CR2032)
— 3-year warranty
— 2 MOA dot
— Waterproof to 2m for 72 hours
— Night vision compatible-4 F to 158 F working temperature
— Weight: 3.9 oz
— Does not come with riser (Using Daniel Defense Mount)

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