2nd Amendment

How to Prevent The Police From Taking Your Guns

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Yes, the Second Amendment was drafted to protect your right to carry a gun…any gun, as you see fit. Sadly in the last 240 years, crooked politiicans have figured out ways to undermind the authority of this sacred text and strip you of your rights to legall protect yoruself.

Worse is that the  men and women in blue are forced to do the job of enforcing these unjust laws. In the process, they’re often compelled to legally take your gun from you. Of course, it’s not always just because it’s their job…many times police take guns from you because they can…and because it makes them feel safer too.

That shouldn’t mean they get to trample over your second amendment rights, yet sadly, that does happen.

So, if you want to make sure a cop never takes your gun from you, make sure you realize how they can take them from you in the first place…and prepare for this by learning how to avoid getting your gun seized.

Here’s an example of how this would work.

Say you get pulled over by a cop while carrying in your car.

Step 1 -Take a big breath and stay calm. If you’re nervous the officer is going to be suspicious. if all you did was commit a minor moving violation you shouldn’t have anything to worry about in the first place.

Once the  officer gets to your window, you should already have your license and registration out, as well as your carry-permit, whether that be Concealed or Open.

Make sure your hands are on your steering wheel and that they stay there.  Unless you have a very good reason why they can’t, it’s easier this way.

After the officer asks for your license and registration, make sure you comply and that you also give him your CC permit as well.  When you do this be explicitly clear that you are carrying when you hand him the permit and let him know where the gunis.

If it’s no on you, but in the glovebox and that’s also where the permit is, don’t foolishly reach to the glovebox to get the permit.

This is just standard operating procedure so you don’ escalate a situation.

Keep in mind that it is legal to have your gun, so just telling the officer about the gun is not grounds to have him search your car.

Scott Morgan, associate editor for StoptheDrugWar.org says gives a few pointers why you should always refuse to allow a warrantless search.

  • It Is Unconstitutional- The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms. The 4th Amendment protects us against unreasonable searches or seizures. This is a God-given right, so don’t be squeamish about standing up for it.
  • A Refusal of Consent Protects You In Court- If, on the off chance that police find something illegal, your refusal protects you in court. If you consent to the search, then the police can say you consented and any evidence they find is admissible in court. If you refuse, the police will have to prove in court there was probable cause to do a warrantless search
  • Saying No Prevents a Search– If you say no and the cop doesn’t search it, well, you’ve just saved yourself a bunch of time and hassle. According to Morgan, his police sources ask to do searches all the time even when they have no evidence.
  • Searches Will Waste Your Time: A search you’ve just consented to can waste 15-30 minutes. I imagine you didn’t want to be pulled over in the first place because you were going somewhere, so can you imagine how late you will be to your destination?
  • You Never Know What They’ll Find– What if you have your full size rifle in the trunk and it’s s not compliant with a new law some politician passed. You’ll automatically have your weapons confiscated and chances are you’ll head to jail.

You see, it’s not just being difficult to be difficult. The more you are prepared with real knowledge, the more you protect the freedoms of not only yourself, but of gun bearers everywhere.

Our culture is experiencing a war against guns like we’ve never seen. Tragedies like Vegas or the one in the church.  the Orlando club shootinig, or even the Fort Lauderdale airport slaying are used by leftist politicians to strip us of our constitutional rights. Days after these tragedies, people started calling for stricter gun control.

And you know what…. not every law passed, but some did. Which means our country is less free.

It’s the same with our Fourth Amendment rights. If cops search more people and those people don’t exercise or protect their rights, then we live less with a police force, and more under a police state.

As we said from the beginning, over the last 240 years the exercising of our rights have steadily been eroded. Sometimes this looks like people doing it for the “good of the public” or for security or whatever. But now we have Facebook handing over our information to cops without our knowledge, our gun rights are limited across states, and the Federal government is telling us what to do with our bodies.


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