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This Pistol Fires When Dropped (not a Sig)

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Many of you will remember when the Sig Sauer P320 was discovered to fire when dropped. The entire firearms universe went off on Sig and decried the shoddy craftsmanship and demanded the company issue a recall for the gun.

Sig responded and vowed to make things right by offering to service the P320s with upgraded parts.

Perhaps the firearm company Honor Defense should do the same.

Reports are in that the Georgia based manufacturer is producing a 9mm pistol that suffers from the same defect as the P320.

A writer from The Firearms Blog claims he assembled one of their flagship 9mms at the factory only to find that the gun fires when exposed to a drop or hammer test.
Guns.com reports

Patrick Roberts of The Firearm Rack posted a video, now seen 35,000 times, entitled “The Honor Guard Is Not Drop Safe. They Knew Months Ago!”

In the 10-minute clip, Roberts smacks a personally-owned Honor Guard pistol loaded with a primed case with a nylon hammer, resulting in a discharge. Roberts explains he assembled the gun at the company’s factory under supervision while working for The Firearm Blog and later purchased the pistol. He also asserts that TFB spiked covering the issue he found with the handgun.

For their part, The Firearm Blog has refrained from addressing the budding tempest directly but did weigh in on their comment’s section announcing a new managing editor, saying, “Arbitrary testing is unfair to readers as well as companies. There are accredited labs for a reason.”

Roberts has subsequently made the rounds on popular YouTube gun channel roundtables standing behind what he found while other gun reviewers announced they would be making their own tests. In response to Robert’s assertions, The Truth About Guns.com performed a similar test with a rubber mallet with a factory-produced Honor Guard pistol discharging on camera.

Honor Defense has defended their weapon and has produced several tests of their own showing the gun is safe to use.

Honor Defense claims their pistols are in compliance with the industries rigorous safety standards. And to prove that they made several additional tests of their gun that prove it’s safe.

Since the controversy over their firearm erupted they’ve gone on to perform their own private tests as well as requesting several independent tests to prove their gun is safe. In these new tests which are captured in a video they’ve taken their 9mm pistol and placed it in a table rest and hit it repeatedly with a steel hammer without the gun firing.

In fact, they hit it so many times the frame of the gun broke without a discharge.

Honor Guard says their gun is safe but also reminds people that “Any firearm can discharge when dropped. Like any user of a firearm, users of Honor Defense’s products must handle firearms in a safe manner,” says the company, going on to warn that, “No one should attempt to perform a drop test outside of a professionally-controlled environment.”

Of course, a lot of people are taking issue with Honor Guards new tests on their gun, claiming that hitting the gun with a steel hammer in a vice does not accurately represent what happens when a gun is dropped.

Instead, detractors say they should have been held loosely in the air and smacked to properly reproduce what happens to a gun when a gun is dropped.

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