Is This Type of Concealed Carry A Good Or Bad IDea

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As someone looking to conceal carry a pistol, you’ll be faced with many different options for where on your body you want to keep your pistol.

One of these options is to use an ankle holster. Some people love the ankle holster, but others hate it and claim that it’s downright ridiculous to use an ankle holster for concealed carry.

This is a personal decision and will come down to preference, but I’m going to give you some good and bad points about using an ankle holster to help you decide.

First, let’s look at why you might want to use an ankle holster.

An ankle holster is an easy way to conceal your pistol and can even work where other methods would fail. For instance, those who work in healthcare will likely need to use an ankle holster because any other holster won’t be as effective while wearing scrubs.

You might also want to use an ankle holster if you spend the vast majority of your time sitting down. Other holsters can cause discomfort while seated for long periods of time, but it makes no difference whether you’re sitting or standing while wearing an ankle holster.

Now, let’s look at why you might not want to use an ankle holster.

Ankle holsters are known for being uncomfortable. Finding an ankle holster that fits “just right” is a huge pain, and if you can’t find the perfect one you’ll have to suffer through rashes and bruises.

If you do get an ankle holster, it’s recommended that you get one made with a soft material such as nylon instead of leather because of all the rubbing against your skin it will do as you walk.

Ankle holsters are also more difficult to secure because every time you walk, you swing the holster back and forth which can dislodge it over time.

Finally, there’s ease of access. Unlike a chest or hip holster, an ankle holster is hard to reach. You’ll need to either bend over or sit down just to grab your pistol…and if you’re in a situation where you need your gun fast, that could be a serious problem.

Many people who conceal carry say that they tried to use an ankle holster because it sounds good, but gave up on it soon after. And while their complaints might not necessarily apply to you, it’s worth mentioning that it’s an unpopular concealed carry option.

If you do choose to use an ankle holster, it will likely be either because you have no other option or just to have it as a backup for your backup.

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