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Do This With Your Sights (Can Help You Shoot Better)

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There are three types of sights that you can have on your guns: fixed, adjustable, and optical. Both fixed and adjustable sights are called “iron sights” as a broad term.

If your fixed sights aren’t as accurate as you’d like them to be, don’t worry. Even though they’re called “fixed” sights, they can still be adjusted…they just take more effort.

Unlike adjustable sights, making adjustments to your fixed sights usually involves filing, welding, and using hammers and copper punches in order to adjust them. This can be a bit of a pain, which explains why many gun owners don’t bother fine tuning their guns with fixed sights.

When adjusting your sights, you need to account for two directions: vertical movement and horizontal movement. Which ones you move will depend on where your gun is firing.

Horizontal movements are made first. Don’t make vertical adjustments until you have your sights aligned horizontally.

Making Horizontal Adjustments

In order to make horizontal adjustments, you need to move the rear sight.

If you’re lucky enough to have a drift adjustable rear sight, simply loosen the screw and then use a copper punch and hammer. Copper won’t hurt the metal of your sights, but it might leave a yellow mark that should wipe off easily.

However, if your rear sight isn’t drift adjustable then you need to use a file to change the width of the slot.  Your rear sight has is set up like football goal posts…two bars with empty space in the middle.

You can change the center point of these posts by using a file to remove material from one of the posts.

For example, if your gun was shooting too far to the right then you would need to remove material from the inside of the left post. This would change the center position of the sight and cause you to aim further to the left.

Making Vertical Adjustments

There are two ways of making vertical adjustments depending on how your gun is shooting. You’ll either need to file material off or add material by welding more metal onto it.

If your gun is shooting too high, you need to file material off of the front sight to make it shorter. This will make it so you tilt the gun farther down in order to line the sights up.

If your gun is shooting too low, you need to add material by welding it on to the front sight.

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