6 Easy Concealed Carry Mistakes To Make

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So you’ve got your concealed carry permit and are excited to get started…but carrying concealed comes with certain challenges and responsibilities that you need to be ready for.

Here are 6 easy mistakes that gun owners make when carrying concealed. Avoid them and you’ll have a much better experience carrying concealed over the long term.

Mistake #1 – Not Taking It Seriously

As a gun owner, you already know that owning a gun is a lot of responsibility. But when you start carrying concealed, it’s easy to get caught up in feeling invincible.

It’s better for you to be realistic about how you would respond in certain situations and how you would use your gun (or not use it) if your life depended on it.

It’s not something to take lightly, so make sure to think about the consequences of your actions ahead of time.

Mistake #2 – Not Buying a Good Holster

You’ve got your gun and your permit, now you just need a holster. Time to pinch pennies and get the cheap one…right?

Wrong. Your holster is going to be your new best friend. It can either make your concealed carrying experience a good one or a bad one.

Consider the size of the holster, where you want to strap your gun, and how comfortable it is for you.

Mistake #3 – Not Taking Your Clothing Into Account

One thing that changes when you start carrying concealed is that you become a lot more concerned about your clothing.

There are two types of clothing you’ll want to avoid when carrying concealed…clothes that are too tight and clothes that are overly tactical.

Tight clothes will give away your “concealed” weapon for anyone to see, and overly tactical looking clothing will draw too much attention to you and ruin the whole purpose of carrying concealed.

Instead, try to wear normal looking clothes that are just a bit looser than normal.

Mistake #4 – Not Staying Up to Date on Laws

Politicians love cracking down on guns, and that means the laws you have to follow are constantly changing. You might be a law-abiding citizen one day and be breaking the law the next day.

Federal and State laws aren’t usually a problem because they’re fairly easy to keep track of. It’s local laws that can be tricky.

Every place is different, and what’s legal in one area might not be legal in another. Do your homework on local gun laws and stay up to date on any changes in order to stay out of hot water.

Mistake #5 – Drawing Unnecessary Attention to Yourself

You’re going to be at least a little nervous your first time carrying concealed. One thing you’ll end up doing is constantly  reaching and feeling to see if your gun is still there and strapped in properly.

That can draw attention to yourself, and some of the more observant people around you will be able to tell that you’re carrying.

Mistake #6 – Letting Yourself Get Out of Practice

Don’t start slacking on your skills just because you have your permit now. Your gun won’t be of any use if your skills go down the drain.

So keep up the practice so you can perform when it matters most. After all, that’s why you got you’re carrying concealed in the first place.

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