How To Get Top Quality PDW Stocks Without Getting An SBR Stamp

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Even though it’s not ideal, there’s a certain appeal about short barrel rifles. The most common way of shortening the length of your rifle is to shorten the barrel, but that comes with difficulties of its own such as needing to get legally register it as a short barrel rifle (SBR).

Plus, you can only shorten the barrel so much before you run out of room. What if you want to take it even further? This is where personal defense weapon stocks (PDW stocks) come in handy.

Using a PDW stock will help you reduce the overall length of your rifle beyond what’s possible simply by reducing the barrel length. Using a PDW stock also has the added benefit of not needing to get an SBR stamp for your rifle.

However, not every PDW stock holds up in quality or are as desirable as others…and many of them require you to make some changes to the rifle’s operation. For example, at the very least you’ll need to swap out the buffer, spring, and receiver extension. Most PDW stock’s will come with an instruction manual that will help you install it. If not, turn to the internet.

Something else to keep in mind is that not all PDW stocks are built with the same goal in mind. Some of them are built to give you the shortest possible rifle length, but others sacrifice some of that length to add a bit more flexibility for the user. It all comes down to what you want out of your rifle and your PDW stock.

If your goal is to reduce the length of your rifle without getting an SBR stamp, then a PDW stock is the way to go. However, if you don’t mind legally registering your rifle as a short barrel rifle, you should probably go that route instead because of the work involved with a PDW stock.

Using a PDW stock without shortening the barrel length can also result in some strange looking rifles. Having a full length rifle barrel with a super short stock isn’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing look for a rifle to have.

So, where should you go if you don’t mind how PDW stocks look and you want to get one for your rifle? There’s quite a few brands that make them, and they all operate a little different so you should definitely compare them closely before buying…but here’s a few places to get you started: North Easter Arms, Safety Harbor Firearms, and Maxim Defense are worth checking out if you’re interested in getting a PDW stock.

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