How Using CleanShot Cleans Barrels In Seconds

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There’s probably not many people out there who actually enjoy cleaning guns. It’s just something we have to do out of necessity.

Slack off on cleaning your gun and it’s just going to get even harder to do the next time, and eventually you could see negative consequences such as your shots not firing right and having decreased accuracy…so it’s no wonder we go through the burden of cleaning them anyway even though we really don’t want to.

But what if there was an easy way to clean your gun’s barrel without doing any labor intensive work at all. Your wish is about to come true because there’s a new product on the market from Huntego called CleanShot.

CleanShot is a pass-through cleaner for 12 gauge shotguns, and will work with both smoothbore and rifled shotguns.

The reason to use something like this is obvious. It saves time and hard work doing an unpleasant task. Instead of laboring over your gun while cleaning it, you simply shoot some shells like you normally would and it does the cleaning for you.

But the question is whether it does a good enough job to make it worthwhile.

According to Huntego, each shell contains squeegees that wipe the barrel clean with each shot that scrubs away built-up grime. They even have a video demonstrating the effectiveness of their product.

The shells also use a highly-oxidized propellent that allows for a clean burn so it doesn’t get your barrel dirty again.

The price for these pass-through cleaning shells is very reasonable as well. You can get CleanShot for less than $2 per round. Huntego currently only offers CleanShot in packs of four for a price of $8.99.

This might sound like more than you’re willing to pay, but considering how much time and effort this saves you, I’d say this is a very reasonable price.

Is it better than cleaning your barrel the traditional way? Probably not.

There’s no matching the care and detail that you can put into it with your own hands and cleaning equipment…but for a quick cleaning when you just want to get the task out of the way after a long day, you can’t really beat it.

So if you’ve ever been frustrated at having to clean your shotgun when you didn’t really want to, go ahead and give CleanShot a try. It might become a permanent part of your gear.

You can get it from Huntego’s website directly or go to a retailer who carries it in person.

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