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No New Guns Have Been Released In California Thanks To This Law

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California has a strange gun control law that’s preventing new semi-automatic gun models from being introduced to the state. But this law doesn’t fight against guns directly…instead, it requires a special manufacturing process called “microstamping” to be used.

Microstamping is a process where a laser engraves microscopic markings onto the firing pin of a gun. The purpose is to make it easier to identify guns and who the guns belong to.

However, microstamping is an additional manufacturing process that not all companies are willing to go through. Not only that, but the laser engravings aren’t always accurate and can lead to some non-uniform engravings.

All this results in manufacturers not wanting to introduce new guns to California…after all, it’s easier for them to just not deal with the hassles of a new manufacturing problem that’s only required by one state.

California’s microstamping law only applies to guns made in 2013 and after. The result is that the price of both old and new guns will rise.

The price of older guns will rise because of the increase in demand for them since there isn’t much new supply coming in, and any new gun that meets the requirements will have to be priced higher to offset the cost of microstamping.

This law might be California’s most effective piece of gun control legislation since the flow of new guns into the state has dropped dramatically…all without explicitly being a “gun control” law.

Of course, this law will do nothing to keep criminals from acquiring illegal guns, but instead will make it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment right.

Let’s hope this microstamping law doesn’t make its way to other states, considering how effective it has been at stopping new guns from coming in.

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