Smith & Wesson Issues Alert Regarding One Model Of Shield

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An alert has recently been issued by Smith & Wesson regarding their M&P 380 Shield EZ model handgun. Apparently, there’s an issue with the thumb safety where it can move from the “fire” position to the “safety” position on its own while firing.

The result of this problem is that your gun could suddenly become unable to fire unexpectedly. Supposedly, this problem is somewhat rare and only happens when using ammunition with higher than normal recoil.

However, you don’t need to spend any money to deal with this problem because Smith & Wesson is offering to fix the problem for free. Anyone with a gun produced before April 4th can send their gun in to Smith & Wesson and they’ll upgrade the safety at no cost to you.

Still not sure if your gun is at risk or if you’re eligible for a free repair? Head over to this page on Smith & Wesson’s website and enter your gun’s serial number and it will confirm your free repair. Alternatively, you can call the company directly at 1-800-331-0852.

Smith & Wesson says they’ll send you a FedEx return label so you can send your gun to them for repairs at no charge.

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