This AR-10 Might Blow Most Others Out of The Water

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Stag Arms has been making its own line of AR type rifles for years, and recently added a new type of gun to their lineup. Their newest gun is a shorter version of their Stag AR-10, calling it the 10S M-LOK.

Stag offers two calibers for those who buy their 10S. You can use either .308 Winchester or use the popular 6.5 Creedmoor round.

One of the big drawbacks of using an AR-10 rifle is that it just isn’t as popular and widespread as the AR-15. This made it so that finding parts that are interchangeable was harder…

However, with the 10S, the engineers who designed it chose to use DPMS compatible receivers and components. This is one of the few standards that relate to the AR-10, which means that Stag’s AR-10 is about as versatile as it gets for an AR-10 when it comes to swapping out parts.

Compared to their standard AR-10, the 10S has a shorter barrel and handguard. Their standard model has an 18-inch barrel and 16.5-inch handguard, but the 10S has a 16-inch barrel and a 13.5-inch handguard.

The benefit of the shorter length is that it’s easier to maneuver in tight spaces. This makes it arguably superior to the AR-15 when it comes to home defense because you can move through halls and doorways a little easier.

Unfortunately, Stag’s 10S uses the Mil-Spec trigger that’s so common on AR rifles. It takes a lot of effort to pull the trigger, and the resistance can easily fool you into thinking you have the safety on even when you don’t.

Of course, these trigger problems aren’t unique to the 10S by any means. It’s common to most ARs, but it’s still frustrating that a gun that sells for around $1,750 doesn’t have a better trigger while much cheaper guns have suitable triggers.

So how does Stag’s 10S feel while shooting? Despite the uncomfortable trigger, the 10S shoots great, much like an AR-15, and it’s easy to see why gun owners should choose the 10S as a home defense weapon. It’s fairly accurate out to 100 yards, with groupings between 1 inch and .8 inches.

Overall, Stag’s 10S is a great gun for those who like the feel of AR rifles and want an effective home defense weapon or want to take down wild game. The only real issue with the gun is the trigger, but you can swap the trigger if it becomes a problem for you.

The retail price is around $1,750 and is available from either a physical retailer or from Stag Arms’ website.

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