Wilson Combat Releases New AR Platform For Precision Shooting

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Wilson Combat released a new AR carbine platform that’s designed for precision shooting. They’re calling it the Lightweight Ranger.

The weight of a gun is an important consideration for some shooters. A lighter gun means they can carry it for a longer amount of time, which is great for those who take long trips or don’t have as much physical endurance.

In the past, reducing the weight of a gun meant removing material from the barrel because it’s the largest and heaviest part of the gun. However, the drawback to removing material from the barrel is that it makes the barrel less rigid and less accurate.

This sacrifice of accuracy has turned a lot of shooters away from lightweight guns, but the new Lightweight Ranger Line from Wilson Combat has found a happy medium for those who want a lighter gun without sacrificing too much performance.

Their new Lightweight Ranger is able to reduce weight without sacrificing too much accuracy by combining a lightweight billet receiver with Wilson’s Ranger match-grade tapered barrel.

The length of the barrel is slightly different depending on what caliber the gun is chambered for. It’s 14.7″ inches for the .308 caliber and 16″ inches for the seven other calibers it comes in.

According to Wilson Combat, the Lightweight Ranger has the lightest profile AR barrel that still retains match-grade accuracy, even as it heats up from rapid-fire shooting.

The standard Ranger model weighs 8.0 pounds, while the Lightweight Ranger model weighs 7.5 pounds.

It’s a small difference in weight, but it will become more apparent after carrying it for long periods of time. The difference in weights will also be noticeable when quickly flicking to a target, like you might do in a home-defense situation.

According to Wilson Combat, the new Lightweight Ranger is designed for tactical, defensive, and hunting applications.

For those interested in the Lightweight Ranger, be prepared to pay a premium price. Depending on the exact model, the gun sells for $2,450 on the cheap side and as much as $3,195 on the expensive side.

Some shooters would scoff at paying that much for a carbine, but fans of carbine rifles who have been looking for a lightweight carbine that doesn’t sacrifice much accuracy will be excited enough about this new offering from Wilson Combat to disregard the high price tag.

You can get the Lightweight Ranger in eight different calibers and can choose between the AR-15 and AR-10 configurations.

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