A NEW 10MM Pistol Just Hit (And It’s A Whopper)

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Handgun lovers are in for a treat today because Springfield has released a brand new pistol. It’s called the Springfield TRP 10mm RMR…and it’s a whopper!

You don’t see guns chambered for 10mm that often, so it’s always a nice surprise when a gun maker releases a gun that uses it.

In Springfield’s case, this new handgun is only their second gun to be chambered for 10mm…so this is a nice treat from them.

But the buzz around Springfield’s new handgun isn’t just because it’s chambered for 10mm…it also has a lot to do with the overall quality of the gun.

In short, this gun is great and that’s reflected in its price…which goes for around $2,558.

Here’s what makes Springfield’s new 10mm so special.

Right out of the gate you can choose between a 5-inch barrel or a 6-inch barrel. It’s always nice to have some customization options from the manufacturer.

Instead of coming only with standard iron sights, the TRP 10mm RMR comes out of the factory with a Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight as well. The Trijicon reflex sight alone boosts the value of this gun by several hundred dollars.

In order to handle the increased recoil that comes from a larger round, the reflex sight has been milled directly into the slide, giving it much more durability over a large number of shots.

Mounting the reflex sight directly to the slide has become more common recently, but it’s still worth mentioning because it’s such a valuable feature to have on a gun.

And if you don’t like the idea of using a reflex sight to aim, don’t worry…the TRP 10mm RMR also comes with titanium front and rear sights that can be used through the reflex sight just in case you need to.

The increased amount of kick that comes from a 10mm round has been offset by using a recoil spring with a higher tension. It has 16 pounds of tension with the 5-inch barrel and 18.5 pounds of tension on the 6-inch barrel.

Springfield has also outfitted their new handgun with G10 VZ grips and Posi-Lock checkering, all for the sake of making the gun easier to hold steady while firing.

Springfield used their own Springfield Gen 2 Speed Trigger and tuned it to break at 5 pounds. Plus, it has a TechWell Magwell/Grip System that helps you change magazines quickly.

The result of all these special features is a handgun that looks truly amazing and will probably be loads of fun to shoot. The only problem here is the price tag is so high.

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