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Easy Trick Helps You Hit Your Target Dead-On Every Time

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Practicing target shooting at the range is one way to improve your accuracy, but there’s one problem with that when it comes to a real self-defense situation…

Shooting at the range and shooting in a self-defense situation are very different.

That’s because when target practicing at the range, you’re usually training to shoot the center of the target. On a person, the “middle of the target” would be the center of the stomach.

In other words, when you go target shooting the normal way you’re actually training yourself to miss an attacker’s vitals in a real self-defense situation. See the problem?

Luckily, there’s a very clever and simple drill you can use to make your target shooting more effective and make you a better shot when it comes to self-defense situations.

Credit for this shooting drill goes to defensive shooting instructor Michelle Cerino who originally came up with this unique idea.

The idea is that if you want to train yourself to shoot for a target’s vitals, then you need to change the way you train at the range.

When most people go shooting, they use a regular human-shaped target. This is a pretty good choice, but the problem is caused by the “incorrect” markings on the target.

A human-shaped target will have the human outline and at least one other inner line that’s closer to the center of the target.

The problem? This inner line emphasizes the middle of the stomach as being the bulls-eye, which is incorrect when it comes to shooting in a self defense situation.

In actual practice, you always want to aim for the vitals.

The solution that Michelle Cerino came up with is to redraw your target so that it emphasizes the vitals instead of the actual center of the target.

Not only does she redraw the target, but she does it in a special way that seems so obvious the moment you understand it.

Her secret is that she draws iron sight markings on the target…one post to the left of the heart and one post to the right.

That way when you line your sights up to aim your shot all you have to do is line up your sights with the markings on the target.

You’ll be surprised by how often you’ll have to readjust your aim because you instinctively started aiming for the center instead of the vitals.

Practice using Michelle’s method often enough and you’ll retrain yourself to always go for the vitals first.

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