Great Trigger Upgrades For Inexpensive Pistols

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No handgun out there is completely perfect. Even the best ones will have some feature that could be improved or would make you more comfortable if changed.

One of the most common and important changes when it comes to handguns is the trigger.

It’s such an important part of the gun that you really don’t want to leave it alone when it can be upgraded. The trigger alone can completely change how a gun feels.

It might be awkward to fire with the default trigger, but put an aftermarket trigger on and it’s like you’ve got a brand new gun that you love.

It’s a good thing that there are many aftermarket triggers available on the market for you to choose from. Let’s take a quick look at some of the aftermarket triggers you might want to use for your gun.

Apex Tactical Specialties – Action Enhancement Trigger

The Action Enhancement Trigger is a drop-in replacement for the following guns: Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith & Wesson and FN.

You can get this trigger in either a rounded or flat-faced model, depending on your personal preference. The Action Enhancement Trigger will reduce the pre-travel in the trigger pull to make for a faster shot.

This is a great trigger for those whose guns have a clunky trigger pull that’s hard to fire rapidly.

Zev Fulcrum Adjustable Glock Trigger

Do you own a Glock that you wish was a little bit easier to use? If so, this Zev Fulcrum trigger might be the aftermarket trigger for you. It’s easy to install and offers your Glock a crisp, smooth trigger pull.

The nice thing about this trigger is that it’s so customizable. It has two small hex screws and includes the hex wrench with it that you can adjust to change how the trigger feels.

And this trigger’s trigger face is three time wider than the default Glock’s trigger face, it’s more comfortable and easier to get consistent finger placement.

Overwatch Precision TAC

The Overwatch Precision TAC is a drop-in replacement for factory triggers. One of its features is that it has a small indexing hook. This indexing hook helps you keep consistent finger placement.

Unique to this trigger is the self-correcting, straight rearward press. This is great for those with smaller hands because it reduces the trigger reach so you don’t have to stretch your finger out as far, making it easier to fire and therefore easier to be more accurate.

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