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It Finally Happened – Stopping Operations

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The public backlash against bump stocks has come at a huge price. Slide Fire, the largest manufacturer of bump stocks, has recently shut down their website and have stopped operations.

The company says that orders placed before May 20 will still be processed and shipped out. The only other thing mentioned on their website is that those who need customer service should email them directly, with a link provided on the page.

What could have caused the largest manufacturer of bump stocks to suddenly go belly-up and cease their operations?

It turns out that the problem is two-fold.

First, Slide Fire has been taken to court in a large number of lawsuits because of the Route 91 Harvest shooting in Las Vegas last October.

If you remember that shooting, it left 58 dead and approximately 850 others injured. The attention from this shooting comes not just from the massive amount of victims, but also from the use of a bump stock.

The news of a bump stock used in that shooting has caused anti-gunners to rally against them and many people filed lawsuits against Slide Fire.

When faced with the many lawsuits, Slide Fire temporarily suspended orders so that they could deal with the lawsuits more effectively.

Other than individual lawsuits, there was also the matter of new gun-control regulation being passed.

At the Federal, State, and local level, there has been new regulation that either limits the use of bump stocks, makes it harder to own them, or outright bans them.

This has made doing business even more difficult for Slide Fire and no doubt contributed to their shutting down operations.

The fact that a a business can be sued over something they have no control over seems very unjust. There’s no way that Slide Fire could stop someone from committing a crime with their gear, yet they’re being financially punished for it anyway.

Here’s what Slide Fire’s founder and CEO, Jeremiah Cottle, had to say about the situation: “I built something, and a madman is taking it all away.

It’s a really unfortunate situation. An entire business is falling apart because of a change in regulation and legal pressure from the public.

Imagine starting a business from scratch, building it up through blood, sweat, and tears, and then having it destroyed thanks to a horde of nonsense lawsuits and regulations that you have no control over.

Slide Fire’s future as a maker of bump stocks doesn’t look very bright, but maybe they can change their focus and make other gun-related gear.

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