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Should You Shoot Competition To Get Prepared for Self-Defense?

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Let’s say you want to get better prepared for a self defense situation at home. You’ll need to improve your shooting skills in order to have a fighting chance.

But rather than train for a self defense situation the regular way, some people have taken to shooting competition as a way to train.

But is shooting competition really a good way to get prepared for self defense…or is it a waste of time when compared to regular self defense training?

The answer is that it’s a mix of good and bad. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

The Good

First of all, in order to be better prepared for a self defense situation you’ll need to actually shoot your gun…and you’ll be doing plenty of that at a competition.

You’ll be practicing your aim, which is always a good thing because hitting your target is critical in a self defense situation.

Another benefit of shooting competition for self defense is that it allows you to practice your draw. Even if you aren’t that good at it right now, if you shoot competition enough you’ll eventually get better at it.

You’ll also get faster at reloading and finding your target again.

But the biggest benefit of shooting competition is that it’s more fun than simply going to the range and practicing the normal way. And if it’s more fun, you’ll do it more often and therefore get more practice that you wouldn’t normally get.

The Bad

The obvious problem with shooting competition as a way of training for self defense is that they’re two very different situation. One is a game meant for fun and the other is a life or death survival situation.

Don’t get those two different situations mixed up. If you end up treating a self defense situation like competition then you’re going to be in trouble.

It’s much better to treat the competition like a self defense situation. Of course, you aren’t going to win any competitions like that…but remember the reason you’re shooting competition in the first place is just as a training exercise.


Shooting competition can be an effective way to prepare for self defense as long as you’re able to keep them separated in your mind and always treat the competition as serious self defense training.

Just don’t rely on competition as your only method of training. You should still head to the range and practice doing it the normal way, too.

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