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BREAKING: New Gun Seizure Ban Passed Here

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There is now even more active gun control in our country thanks to the laws recently passed in Rhode Island.

Two Rhode Island bills have been signed into law: S.2292 and S.2492.

The new laws ban bump stocks and also set up what’s known as “red flag laws”…a way of seizing guns from those who are suspected of being “dangerous”.

The laws encountered no resistance and were passed unanimously by Rhode Island’s senate, which is controlled by Democrats.

Here’s what Governor Gina Raimondo said about the laws she signed into effect:

I applaud the General Assembly for standing with our kids, teachers, law enforcement and parents across the state by taking action to strengthen Rhode Island’s gun law. Their action to ban bump stocks and pass a red flag law will make Rhode Island a safer state.

Rhode Island’s new bump stock ban would outlaw all sliding style butt-stocks that allow the user to “rapidly fire the weapon”. Those who ignore the new law and fit their rifle with a bump stock anyway could face as many as 10 years in prison.

Here’s what the NRA said in response to Rhode Island’s new gun laws:

Aside from the harsh penalty for possessing a firearm accessory, the legislation’s language is extremely broad and includes any accessory “which accelerates the rate of fire.” In other words, this means that common modifications to firearms to make them more suitable for self-defense, target shooting, hunting, and even overcoming disability may be banned, with violations resulting in severe penalties. This bill is poorly crafted and should be opposed. The only thing this is going to do is put law-abiding competitive shooters in jeopardy of prosecution.

In addition to the bump stock ban, there is also the threat of the red flag law they just passed.

With a red flag law, citizens are able to be reported as being dangerous and will have their firearms seized and questioned in court.

The idea of this type of law is that tragedies like public shootings can be avoided by identifying unstable people before the incident happens.

However, you can probably see how easily red flag laws such as this can be abused. What exactly qualifies someone as “dangerous” or “unstable”? There’s no way to prove any of that and it’s a simple matter for someone to report another person out of spite or as a prank.

The NRA had this to say about Rhode Island’s new red flag law:

NRA-ILA strongly believes that dangerous individuals should not have firearms. However, this “red flag” legislation is an overreach with few legal protections for those who may be falsely accused. This sweeping legislation would allow almost anyone to have another’s guns taken with little or no due process. The bill allows seizure and forfeiture through ex parte hearings where a respondent isn’t given notice and a hearing.

Rhode Island isn’t the only state to introduce these types of laws. Several other states have them as well, and they’ve been gaining popularity in response to recent school shootings such as those at Parkland and Sante Fe.

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