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Is a Background Checks For Ammo Coming?

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According to gun-grabbers, it’s not enough to simply require background checks for gun purchases. Now they want background checks for ammo purchases as well.

Florida’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal proposed a new measure that would force those who want to buy ammo to undergo a background check from the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System.

According to supporters of the ammo bill, it would leave would-be criminals with a gun without any ammo.

Here’s what Blumenthal said about his proposal:

Ammunition sales should be subject to the same legal requirements as firearm sales, and that includes instant background checks. The same laws that prevent dangerous individuals from purchasing firearms also prohibit them from amassing arsenals of ammunition, with one major loophole: there are no background checks for ammunition sales to enforce the law.

As you can imagine, if something like this were passed into law, the would cause massive amounts of problems for the already stressed system.

Ammo sales are much more common than gun sales, so this law would easily double or triple the amount of background checks required every year.

Even with current gun laws only requiring background checks for firearms, the system is backed up enough already. Adding any more to the workload would bind it up for a long time.

Then again, that might be the goal of these types of laws. It could be the case that they want to slow down the background check system so much that it either discourages people from owning guns or makes it so slow that people give up.

Either way, it’s bad news for gun owners if it passes.

If these measures pass, they would be the only laws of their type. The closest existing laws are from Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey which require licenses for ammo sales.

California and New York also have stricter ammo proposals that would require background checks on ammo, but they seem to have been put on hold indefinitely. Most likely because the laws would cause significant problems for those they affect, such as gun owners and also gun dealers.

These proposals, if they pass, are just going to be more legal nonsense getting in the way of law-abiding citizens who want to practice their 2nd Amendment right.

Any unstable person who is going to commit a serious crime is going to find some way to get ammo, just like they find some way to get guns today. The only difference is that ammo is much more common than guns, and it’ll be even easier for them to get around these proposed laws.

These “ammo control” bills will only cause problems for regular people and gun stores, doing nothing to stop violent crime.

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