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The Real Reason School Shootings Happen

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With the increased frequency of school shootings lately, many people have been left scratching their heads and wondering why this type of thing is happening in the first place.

The left blames guns, of course, but we know the real reason for the increase frequency of school shootings is caused by something else.

Instead, the real reason for school shootings is much more psychological…and it relates heavily to the news media that lives on hype.

We all know that it’s a tiny fraction of the population that commits horrible crimes like this…but with an American population of 350,000,000 people, even a tiny fraction amounts to a sizable chunk of people these days.

Of course, it isn’t just because of the population. It has a lot to do with “feelings of insignificance”, which is further fueled by the media.

When someone is feeling insignificant and is desperate for attention, they don’t really care where that attention comes from.

Just take a look on social media and you can see it everywhere. People are so desperate to be acknowledged that they’re perfectly willing to publicly embarrass themselves if it gets them some attention.

Originally, school shooters were motivated by their own insignificance and later credited Stephen King’s book about a student who was bullied and eventually retaliated by shooting up the school.

The correlation was so clear that King actually withdrew his book in an attempt to stop the shootings.

However, later shooters, such as the Columbine shooters, gave credit for the attack to both King’s book and to the media coverage that made those previous shooters famous.

One thing that many of the shooters today have in common is that they were inspired by previous shooters and the attention that they were given by the media.

It’s a sad fact, but if you want to make yourself known, there is no faster way in the world right now to become famous than to commit a school shooting.

For someone who feels insignificant and like their life doesn’t have any meaning, it’s an alluring thought. They can become famous overnight and have all the attention in the world given to them by hype-driven media companies.

This confirms something that many of us have known for a while now…

It’s not guns that are the problem, it’s the media that’s the problem.

If we’re really serious about stopping school shootings, then we absolutely have to stop the extensive media coverage of these events.

Even something like refusing to name the attacker or show pictures of them would probably create a large drop in the number of shootings.

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