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The Surprising Results From Arkansas Universities First Semester of Campus Carry

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With so many school shootings happening lately, many places have been “cracking down” on guns in an effort to stop them.

However, the state of Arkansas has decided to do something that we’ve known would work all along…and that’s to allow campus carry.

Arkansas’ new campus carry law, Act 562, allows people to get an additional certification that allows them to carry a firearm on campus.

The additional certification consists of eight hours of additional training and a graded live-fire course.

Rather than result in a massive bloodbath like many anti-gunners predicted, the new law seems to be working out just fine with no issues at all so far.

So far, universities and colleges in Arkansas have gone through a full semester with the new campus carry law in effect.

Here’s what Captain Chris Bentley of the University of Central Arkansas Police Department had to say about the situation: “We have not seen an issue yet on campus — I’m gonna knock on some wood here.”

Even though Act 562 is a giant step forward for gun rights, there are still limits to it. For example, the option to carry on campus is only granted to those who go through the extra training requirements.

It also only applies to carrying concealed. And finally, other gun laws are still in effect…meaning that students aren’t allowed to store their guns on campus. They need to always have their gun on them or store them in their vehicles.

It feels good to finally have a sensible gun law passed. Act 562 will allow regular, law-abiding students to arm and protect themselves on campus…

And hopefully discourage any potential school shooters from committing mass shootings in Arkansas.

Even though we know this is a sensible law and that it will work out just fine, gun-grabbers are on pins and needles. You can bet that they’re scared out of their mind at the though of all those evil guns hanging around on campus now.

Act 562 is working out good so far, but gun-grabbers will be pointing fingers the instant that it looks like there might be some issue.

We can only hope that things will continue to go well for universities and colleges in Arkansas, and that many more states will follow their example.

At this point, a total of 10 states allow campus carry. If even more states adopted campus carry laws like this, we could see a huge drop in the number of school shootings.

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