This Is 2018’s Ammo Of the Year

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Recently, short barreled rifles and AR pistols have been gaining a lot of popularity with shooters. However, regular 5.56 NATO rounds won’t work as well on those guns because of their shorter barrels.

The good news is that Hornady has released a new round that works with the shorter barrel, and shooters love it.

It’s called Hornady Black HD SBR.

Hornady’s new bullet has bullets that are heavier than traditional 5.56 NATO rounds, and use low-flash low-fouling powder.

The new round offers those with short barrel rifles and AR pistols both accuracy and terminal performance.

While this seems like a new round to civilians, Hornady has actually been making and selling this round to law enforcement for years now under a different name called Hornady TAP SBR.

Hornady’s SBR round uses its own proprietary propellant technology in order to ensure proper pressure in a short barrel gun, which can be finicky at times.

Hornady also based their design off of Critical Duty FlexLock rounds in order to create a tactical 75-grain round.

So how does the Hornady Black HD SBR hold up at the range? Here are some stats for you to look over.

According to Hornady’s data, their new round gets a muzzle velocity of 2,321 fps out of an 11.5-inch barrel and 2,201 fps out of a 10.5-inch barrel.

Here’s what Richard Mann, Ammo Editor at Shooting Illustrated, said in his review of Hornady’s Black HD SBR: “Hornady’s Black ammunition is made up of loads ideally adapted—for common practical use—to the guns for which they are intended. The 5.56 NATO HD SBR load is a perfect example.”

For most people, a short barrel rifle makes a great home defense gun. The shorter barrel makes it easier to maneuver within the narrow confines of a house.

And if that’s what you’re using your short barreled rifle for, then you’ll be pleased with Hornady’s short barrel rifle round.

Its performance holds up when put to the test, and the round certainly packs enough of a punch to stop any attacker in their tracks.

This is the reason why law enforcement use this Hornady’s short barrel rifle ammo when doing tactical operations with their short barrel rifles.

If it’s good enough for law enforcement to use in combat, then it’s good enough for me and many other shooters who enjoy short barrel rifles.

But don’t take my word for it. If you own a short barrel rifle, try some of these rounds for yourself and see if they don’t beat the rounds you’ve been using.

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